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The Ultimate Guitar Activity Book

A unique and fun gift for the guitar player

Buying a gift for a guitar player is not easy to do, even if you are a musician. Guitarists are very particular about the gear they prefer, from amps to strings to picks and straps. Even music lesson books are designed for specific styles and genres of music.  Instead of getting a gift that the guitarist may already have or that isn’t the type of item they want or use, give them The Ultimate Guitar Activity Book. This book is fun, entertaining and educational. It doesn’t matter what genre, age or level of guitar player they are, this book is suitable for all, and will not be the wrong style or brand or size.

The book contains all original puzzles, activities and a workbook section that will provide information and entertainment, all centered around guitars and guitarists.

 This book is also ideal for recording studios to have around. Keep your clients amused and not bored while they wait during recording sessions. It even has templates for amp and guitar settings, and pedal effects settings, so you can quickly recreate guitar sounds in case there is a need for overdubs or to recall great amp settings for future recording sessions.  For the budding songwriter, there are templates to help notate ideas.


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